Sunday, May 10, 2009

A brilliant Experience

I just came back from a sugandoi contest at BBcafe, organized by DBKK. Did not win any prize or place but I'm glad I tried to gain the experience to compete with all the other 14 contestant - more experience and good singer. I challenge myself to see where is my level as a singer. At least I know where to improve and what I should do for the next competition.

Stop Here?!! Definitely no! The higher the contest is the higher the criticism and stress gonna be. My fellow fight now play alot in the vocal, which I am lack of that coz I know my vocal tecnique is not that strong and firm yet. For the next round I know what type of Song should I choose.

It doesn't mean if you can imitate the original singer voice and style means you are good. Even a simple song if you know how to play with the mode you can make the song more alive.

For me, I will find my identity and what is my strength in singing. My Vocal trainer use to tell me that I can do the belting voice quite good.. Hmm.. I'm happy to hear that coz it can say a bonus for me and I really thank God for that but for me to improve that I need to seek for lots of practise.

Sometimes I just felt like life isn't only a life but is a very good journey. God give us the body, talent, strength, courage... depends on us how we make use of it. He is so wonderful, everything has a time exc 2:10 and I now one day my hard work will be paid off but not because of fame, but for good, reach out to people that is my mission in my singing

Friday, May 8, 2009

My regrets

Yes I admit I'm a little upsad of what I've done yesterday.. My heart strongly said that I'm doing the right thing coz my ego is beyond myself. I let go an opportunity to earn some cash just because I don't want my competitor know the way I'm singing and I hate the judge. Not humble enough, I should surrender everything to God..

I keep on telling myself I'm tired but actually I know I can do it. But what to do is already passed and no turning back.

Hope that in the future it won't happen again lah..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weird But True

How TRUE is the word that he Speaks
How SINCERE is the love he Express
How HONEST is the tears that he Cries
Which had been act to you for the pass two years

To compare what you have Done
Sacrifices and Wasted?
Money, Love, Energy, Time and Tears
That not even give you an Assurance
That he will stay true to forever...

Open up both your Eyes and Ears
Not only to see what is Infront but deep down Inside
Cause TRUE LOVE isn't just express in passionately whispered words

Don't get blinded by the tears of a Mother
Who will only protect her son fault to win your heart
Love yourself more before others
Cause you are special in the eyes of God

Can you picture him to LEAD the family in the future
Is he MATURED enough to be the leader in the house
Does he the husband that can stay LOYAL till death
Will he be the responsible father to RAISE a child

Think of the Long term consequences
Not for 1 or 2 years
Is he the man of you dream
Or Only a fantasy in a fairy tale love Story

The above post is a word of courage to a friend that I wish she will read it. My hate and anger towards her suddenly turn to forgiveness and sympaty. Sometimes people just can't see what is the thing they should do and should not. But lean not only by your own understanding and really ask God mercy to lead and guide you for what He has planned for you.Choose to hurt or love yourself the decision is in your hand. God Bless you

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